Quiz/ 23-08-2020

  • Question of

    Mala of shukra dhatu as per Sarangadhra

    • Smasru
    • Ojas
    • Kapha
    • Pitta
  • Question of

    Dhamani shaithilya is due to……..dhatu kshaya

    • Rakta
    • Rasa
    • Mamsa
    • Meda
  • Question of

    Asthi Saushirya is due to……

    • Medo dhatu kshaya
    • Asthi dhatu kshaya
    • Asthi dhatu vridhhi
    • Majja dhatu kshaya
  • Question of

    Who has said rakta as a dosha

    • Charaka
    • shusruta
    • Vagbhatta
    • Chakrapani
  • Question of

    Rasa Nimittajameva sthaulyam karsyam cha” was said by…..

    • Charaka
    • Susruta
    • vagbhata
  • Question of

    Most of postprandial motility is seen in

    • Ascending colon
    • Ascending colon
    • Sigmoid colon
    • Transverse colon

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