Role Of Yoga In Ancient Ayurveda

ancient system that is concerned in the healing of the mind and body . Yoga and Nye Ayurveda and Yoga have been connected for thousands of years ago because of the are the unique sciences of antiquity . Both are developed and practiced in a circumstances with similar objectives in the same land . Ayurveda a comprehens science of the life was developed to ensure Arogya , which is the mean to achieve four Purushartha namely Dharma , Artha , Kama , Moksha . The both science

आवेशशेतसं जानमाना छन्दतः क्रिय । दृष्टिः श्रोत्र स्मृतिः कान्ति इष्टतचाप्यदर्शनम । ( ब.शा. 1 / 140)

These are very similar to Siddhi described by Patanjali in Yogasutar . These achieved by the following the path of Yoga . Thus Ayurveda conceives the purest forma yoga and considers , it primarily as the means of Tatva Jnana , liberation and mental 22 achievement of salvation or Moksha .

 धर्मार्थ काममोक्षाणां आरोग्यं मूलमुत्तमम । ( च.सू. 1/15 )

 Health is the main root through which , one can achieve salvation or Moksha

 जन्मोघधिमानतपः समाधिजाः सिद्धयः । ( यो.मू. 4/1 )

Yoga and Ayurveda are allied disciplines , both have advocated Aoushadhi , Matre Jupa , Samadhi etc. as the means of achieving their objectives . Beside spiritual petha Yop also teaches the uses of drugs for Chitta Sluddhi .

योगे मोक्षे च सर्वसा वेदनानामवर्तनम । मोक्षे निवृत्तिनिः शेषा योगोमोक्षप्रवर्तकः ॥ ( प.शा. 1/32 )

 Charaka Samhita , one of the foremost Ayurvedic classics deals with highest categor of Yoga , It describes very vividly . The concept of Prajna and the feature of a Yogarth Purushaie . Sthita Prajna almost in a similar manner as the concept of Ritambum Pm described in Yoga Sutras of Patajanli and that of Yogastha Purusha in Bhagavad Gita Acharya Churuka has been given detailed account of Bahiranga practice like Yarn Niyama etc. in the context of Sadavritta and Acahara Rasayana ( Cha . Chi 1/3 ) . He is specific described the state of higher achievement of Yoga practice including the ultima realization i.e. Satyabhuddhi and the achievement of Siddhi . The concept of Say propounded by Charaka which appears to be a more vividly defied and comprehensif entity than Ritambara Prajna is completely incorporated in Charaka Acharya concepto Satyabuddhi

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