General Physiology/kriya Sharira-Bams

By- Dr. Uday Sankar


  • •Definition and synonyms of the term Sharira.
  • •Definition and synonyms of the term Kriya.
  • •Description of Sharira dosha and Manasa dosha.
  • •Mutual relation between Tridosha, Triguna and Panchamahabutas.
  • •Difference between Shaarira and Sharira.
  • •Description of the components of Purusha and Classification of Purusha.
  • •Role of Shatdhatu purusha in Kriya Sharira and Chikitsa.

Importance of Sharira Kriya

  • The subuject kriya sharira is very essential for achiving 2 goals
    • –To keep fit
    • –To cure the patient
  • Sharira Kriya vijnana is made from 3 words
    • –Sharira
    • –Kriya
    • –Vijnana

Definition and synonyms of the term Sharira.


•The science which deals with the sharira is called Shaarira.
•Sharia is a entity which is made up of Panchamahabhuta and Chetana.
Sharia is an entity which undergoes continuous destruction/ Catabolism.
•Dosha, Dathu and mala together called as Sharira.
Sharira is an enitity which gets deteriorated by diseases.


  • Tanu   –   that which expands.
  • Tanoo   –   which is made up of very   minutest things.
  • Samhanana-   which is having compactness.
  • Kalevara  –  which is result of Kalala.
  • Vigraha   – that which grasps several things
  • Deha  –  one which nourishes continuously
  • Kaaya  -one which nourishes continupously with the help of anna.
  • Anga  – one which is made up of several     parts 
  • Vapu  -one which makes dehantara   gamana.
  • Varshma  –  one who oozes continuously
  • Puram  –  which is a place
  • Pinda  –  one which is having exact shape
  • Kshetra   –  which is having empty space   with in.
  • Gaatra  –  which is having particular   shape.
  • Ghana  –  one which is solid in nature
  • Moorthy  –  one which occupies some space

Definition of Kriya

Any movement or actoin done for a perticular time is called Kriya

Description of Sharira dosha and Manasa dosha

Sharira dosha

  • There are different constituents of the body which are grouped into 3 principle eliments.
  • The 3 elements or bio-energies, which control 3 important functions of the body like movement, metabolism and stability, these elements are called sharira doshas.
  • These are
    • –Vata
    • –Pitta
    • –Kapha

वायु: पित्तं कफश्चेति त्रयो दोषा: समासत: ॥

विकृताऽविकृता देहं घ्नन्ति ते वर्त्तयन्ति च ।

  • These 3 doshas pollute them self’s as well as pollute certain other factors are called as doshas.
  • These 3 doshas also maintain the health of the individual by controlling the physiological factors in the body.
  • Hence at normal stage these are called –Tridathus   – factors which bare or nourish –Tristhoona  – 3 pillars

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