Terms and Conditions Photo Contest

Article 1: Subject

The contest is accessible online registration on the following link: .https://easyayurveda.in/contest/

The contest consists of creating a pictures, photo or visual concerning children’s rights a specific country or about a specific topic. The winners will be features on our social media and will win a small prize.

Article 2: Conditions of participation

2.1 Participation in the contest is free and open to all persons above 18 years old.  

2.2 Humanium reserves the right to conduct necessary checks in order to verify the identity, postal address and/or e-mail address of the participants.

2.3 The persons who have given incomplete or inaccurate personal and contact details will be disqualified for the draw, as will be the persons who refuse that their personal details – which are necessary for the game – be collected, kept and used.

2.4 Participation in the contest implies that participants accept the integrality of these rules. Non-compliance with the rules results in the automatic cancellation of the participation in the contest and of the candidacy for the prize.

Article 3 : Publication of the results

The winner will be published 5 days after the end of the contest, on the 19th January 2017:

  • website
  • facebook page
  • twitter page
Article 4 : Consulting the rules

The rules can be consulted online at the following address: https://easyayurveda.in/contest/

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