मदन कल्प
मदन कल्प


  1. मदन कल्प
    Definition of Vamana & Virechana:
    तत्र दोषहरणं ऊर्ध्वभागं ्मनसंज्ञकम्, अधोभागं व्रेचनसंज्ञकम्।
    Vamana is the therapeutic procedure by which the vitiated dosha
    of body expelled out through upward passage.
    Virechana is the therapeutic procedure by which the vitiated
    dosha of body expelled out through downward passage.
    Since both ्मन & व्रेचन expel the दोष out of body, both
    procedures can be termed as व्रेचन.
    ्मन-व्रेचन द्रव्याs are उष्ण-तीक्ष्ण-सूक्ष्म-व्य्ायी-व्कासी in nature.
    Vamana dravyas: अवि & ्ायु महाभूत प्रधान
    Virechana dravyas: जल & पृथ््ी महाभूत प्रधान
    600 kalpanas for both Vamana & Virechana has been described
    comprising of the following dravyas:
    For Vamana: मदनफल-जीमूतक-इक्ष््ाकु-धामागव्-्त्सक(कु टज)-कृ त्ेधन
    For Virechana: श्यामा-वत्र्ृत-चतुरङ्गुल(गरव्ध)-वतल््क(लोध्र)-सुधा(स्नूही)-

वत्रव्ध देश :
जांगल देश – गनूप देश – साधारण देश
Drugs should be collected from Sadharana & Jangala desha.
औषध-संग्रहव्वध :
One should preform मंगलाचार, he should be कल्याण्ृत्त, शुवच,
शुक्ल्ासा(wearing white clothes), and worship दे्ता-अविनीकु मार-गौ-
ब्राह्मण, then collect the Aushadha dravyas, facing East or North
Seasons for collection of parts of medicinal plants:
शािा-पलाश – ्षाव & ्संत ऋतु
मूल – ग्रीष्म & वशवशर ऋतु
त््क-कन्द-क्षीर – शरद ऋतु
सार – हेमंत ऋतु
फल-पुष्प – यथा ऋतु (Season during which they appear)
अनुपान – प्रयोग :
्ात-प्रकोप – Medicines are given along with सुरा-सौ्ीरक-तुषोदकधान्याम्ल-गम्ल दवध
वपत्त-प्रकोप – with मृविका-गमलकी-मधु-मधुक-परुषक-फावणत-क्षीर
कफ-प्रकोप – with मधु-गोमूत्र-कषायाs

मदनफल-संग्रह (Collection):
Madanaphala is considered as the best among vamana-dravyas,
because compared to other drugs, it produces very few
complications (अल्प उपद्र्).
मदनफल should be collected during the संवध of ्संत-ग्रीष्म ऋतु, and
पुष्य, अविनी or मृगवशरा नक्षत्र, and मैत्र मुहूतव.
The fruits which are पक्व, and not काण-हररत-पाण्डु, devoid of कृवम &
दगु वन्ध, should be collected.
्मन व्वध :

  1. Patient is subjected for स्नेहन-स््ेदन for 2-3 days
  2. One day prior to ्मन, patient is advised to consume ग्रामीण-
    गनूप-जलेचर मांस – क्षीर – दवध – माष – वतल – शाक etc. to aggravate
    the kapha (कफोत्क्लेश) so that vitiated kapka can be expelled
    out easily.
  3. Next day- in the morning, when the food taken in previous
    night has been digested, patient should perform धार्मवक अनुष्ठान
    – बवल – ह्न – मंगल्ाचन – प्रायवित etc. and advised to consume
    य्ागु with घृत.
  4. Quantity (dose) of मदनफलबीज : Amount of madanaphala seeds
    that is collected within the fist (अंतनवि मुवि) of the patient, or as
    required is administered for vamana-karma.
  1. This quantity of madanaphala seeds is soaked in कषाय of
    यविमधु etc. overnight.
    Next day it is crushed and filtered, then मधु & सैंध् is added.
  2. Patient is made to drink this liquid facing east/north.
  3. ्मन has to be continued till वपत्त gets expelled.
    मधु & सैन्ध् प्रयोग :
    मधु-सैंध् is added for कफव्लयन-छेदन – liquification and expulsion of
    Here मधु is added to warm kashaya, But madhu should never be
    heated or added to warmed liquid.
    In vamana, warmed madhu enters amashaya but expelled out
    without digestion, therefore does not cause any adverse action.
    मदनकल्प : Total 133 योगाs of Madanaphala has been described.
    मदनफलवपप्पलीक्षीर, मदनफलवसद्ध-दवु ध , मदनफल प्रयोग with कमलपुष्प,
    मदनफल स््रस प्रयोग, 20 अ्लेह योगाs of मदनफल, मदनफल-्र्तव, मदनफल-
    मोदक etc.
    मदनफल पयावय (Synonyms):
    मदन: करहाटि राठ: वपण्डीतक: फलम् ।
    िसनिेवत . . . . . ॥

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