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  • How Much Food One Should Eat

    It is really a difficult question to answer . The quantity of food that we take varies based on mood , what we had eaten on previous meal , what is the nature of present meal , whether the previously taken food is completely digested or not etc. Though there are uncertain factors , there are […]

  • Aragavadha / Cassia fistula, Caesalpiniaceae

    Aragavadha / Cassia fistula, Caesalpiniaceae

    B.N :-Cassia fistula Family :- Caesalpiniaceae Vernacular names Medicinal Uses

  • Color Atlas of Skin Diseases

    Color Atlas of Skin Diseases

    Rosacea Rosacea is a congestive blushing and flushing reaction of the central areas of the face. It is usually associated with an acneiform component (papules, pustules, and oily skin). It usually occurs in middle-aged and older people. The cheeks, nose, and chin, on the entire face, may have a rosy hue. Burning or stinging often […]

  • AHARA (FooD) Importance of food in Ayurveda

    AHARA (FooD) Importance of food in Ayurveda

    Content Introduction •Ahara is one among the trio-upastamba (ahara, nidra and bramacharya). • • •Hence it is helpful for maintaining health, prevention of disease and curing of disease. •The health can be maintained by health food habits. •Kashyapa even coins food as maha beshaja. •Even anna is considered as brahma. Vyutpatti Root “hrn harane” means […]

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