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Aragavadha / Cassia fistula, Caesalpiniaceae



B.N :-Cassia fistula

Family :- Caesalpiniaceae

Vernacular names

  • Assamese : Sonaroo
  • Bengali : Sondala
  • English : Indian Laburnum,
  • Purging cassia
  • Gujrati : Garamala, Garamalo
  • Hindi : Amaltas
  • Kannada : Aragvadha, Kakke, Kakke-gida,
  • Kakkernara, Kakkedai, Rajataru
  • Kashmiri : Kriyangal Phali
  • Malayalam : Konna, Kritamalam
  • Marathi : Bahava, Garamala, Amaltas
  • Oriya : Sunari
  • Punjabi : Amaltas
  • Tamil : Sarakonrai, Sarak konnai, Sarak
  • kondi, Sharakkonrai
  • Telugu : Rela
  • Urdu : Khiyar Shambar

Medicinal Uses

  1. Eczema: Leaves of aragavadha
    fine paste applied over the skin
    lesions once in a day is effective
    in curing ring worm infection and
  2. Worm infestation: 10ml of
    aragavadha leaves juice is given
    in empty stomach for 5-6 days
    helps to relieve intestinal worms
  3. Constipation: 15-20gms of
    aragavadha bark powder cooked
    in 100ml of water till it reduced
    to 1/4th. This decoction is orally
    consumed daily once to relieve
    constipation, distention of
    abdomen and chronic diseases
    due to vitiation of blood.
  4. Purgative: 3-4 inches of the
    mature fruit pulp de-seeded and
    Cassia fistula, Caesalpiniaceae
    Vernacular names
    soaked in water overnight . In
    the morning ,this water is taken
    with little jaggery. This relieves
    gaseous distention by 2-3 safe
  5. Jaundice: A fist full of tender leaf
    buds yellow coloured flowers of
    aragavadha are taken and soup
    is made by adding salt, jaggery
    and pepper. This soup is not only
    whole some diet and also cures
  6. Aguesia: Aragavadha pulp is
    useful in loss of taste due to
    excessive use of cocaine. 25gms
    of fruit pulp is mixed with 250ml
    of hot milk and used as a mouth
    wash regularly is beneficial.

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