Aparajita/Clitoria ternatea,Fabaceae

Vernacular names

  • Assamese : Aparajita
  • Bengali : Aparajita
  • English : Clitoria
  • Gujrati : Gokarni
  • Hindi : Aparajita
  • Kannada : Girikarnika Balli, Girikarnika
  • Malayalam : Shankhapushapam
  • Marathi : Gokarna, Aparajita
  • Oriya : Aparajita
  • Punjabi : Koyal
  • Tamil : Kakkanam
  • Telugu : Dintena

Medicinal Uses

  1. Leucoderma: The leaves paste
    of aparajita applied thickly on
    the vitiligo patches and expose
    to sunlight. It has to continue for
    minimum 1 month to stimulate
  2. Filarial swelling: 5gms of
    aparajita root paste should be
    given internally twice daily in
    filariasis to relieve the swelling.
  3. Memory Enhancer: The fresh root
    paste of aparajita should be given
    in a dose of 1-3 grams with ghee
    twice daily for increasing memory
    and intelligence.
  4. Menorrhagia: 1 gram of aparajita
    flowers powder should be given
    Clitoria ternatea,
    Vernacular names
    thrice daily with honey for
    bleeding disorders of uterus.
  5. Conjunctivitis: The flowers of
    aparajita are pounded with
    cow milk and applied over the
    closed eyes. It alleviates the
  6. Toothache: Aparajita root with
    black pepper should be kept in
    mouth to pecify the toothache.
  7. Wound: Fine leaves paste of
    aparajita should be applied over
    the wound is beneficial as it has
    antifungal and anti bacterial
    properties greatly reduce the
    infection and heals the wound
    very fast.

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