Apamarga/Achyranthes aspera, Amaranthaceae

Apamarga/Achyranthes aspera, Amaranthaceae

Vernacular names

  • Bengali : Apamg
  • English : Prickly Chaff Flowe
  • Gujrati : Aghedo
  • Hindi : Chirchita, Latjira
  • Kannada : Uttarani
  • Malayalam : Katalati
  • Marathi : Aghada
  • Punjabi : Puthakanda
  • Tamil : Nayuruv
  • Telugu : Uttarenu
  • Urdu : Chirchita

Medicinal Uses

  1. Petechial hemorrhage: The
    paste red colored apamarga
    leaves paste is applied over the
    oedematous lesions, inflamed
    area and over the petechial parts
    of the body. This helps to cure is
    discase within 2-3 days.
  2. Prameha( Diabetes): 3 gram each
    of Apamarga seeds and Methi
    seeds powder is taken early in the
    morning in empty stomach along
    with one cup of warm water. This
    is very effective against diabetes
    and obesity. This decreases the
    excessive hunger and thirst.
  3. Dysmenorrhea: 10gms of whole
    plant coarse powder is boiled in
    200ml of water and till it reduced
    to 50ml. This filtered decoction
    consumed 1-2 days prior to
    Achyranthes aspera, Amaranthaceae
    Vernacular names
    expected date of menstruation
    till it stops. This relieves pain and
    irregularity of the menses.
  4. Urirary Calculi: 6-8 twigs of
    Apamarga soaked in sour
    buttermilk (100-200 ml) over
    night. Next day morning it is
    macerated well, filtered and
    consumed. This helps to relieve
    chronic dysuria, recurrent UTI,
    urinary calculi and gall stones.
  5. Bleeding disorders: 5-10 ml of
    leaf juice is mixed with turmeric
    powder to made fine paste . This
    paste applied over the bleeding
    wound to arrest the bleeding

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