Amalaki Emblica officinalis, Euphorbiaceae & it’s diffrent names

Vernacular names

Medicinal Uses

. Prameha (Diabetes) : Intake of
25ml Amalaki juice added with 3
gms of turmeric powder twice
a day before food is useful in
prameha, (urinary disorders
including Diabetes).

  1. Rejuvenation: Regular intake of
    amalaki fruits is recommended
    for rejuvenation. In retains vitality,
    increases life span, youthfulness
    and resistance power.
  2. Eye diseases: 3 gms of Triphala
    churna (amalaki, haritaki and
    vibhitaki, along with honey and
    ghee is used internally in early
    morning on empty stomach,
    beneficial for Eye diseases.
  3. Laxative: 10-15 gms of Triphala
    Powder (amalaki, haritaki and
    vibhethaki) is used internally with
    Emblica officinalis, Euphorbiaceae
    Vernacular names
    hot water after food at night.
  4. Grey hair: External application
    of the paste of 50gms henna
    leaves, 50gms amalaki, 10
    Hibiscus flowers over the scalp
    and hairs, keep it for 1hour before
    taking head bath once or twice a
    week is beneficial in premature
    greying hair.
  5. Amlapitta (Acid peptic
    Equal auantity of
    Amalaki fruits, shatavari root,
    sugar made into fine powder.
    Taking 5gms of this mixture along
    with ghee and honey in early
    morning on empty stomach for
    40 days is beneficial.

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