Agastya/ Sesbania grandiflora, Fabaceae & it’s diffrent names

B.N:- Sesbania grandiflora,
Family:- Fabaceae

Medicinal Uses

1.Worm infestation: Intake of
agastya leaves juice 10-20ml in
empty stomach, early morning for
2weeks can expel the intestinal

  1. Headache: 2 -3 drops of agastya
    leaves juice is used as nasal drops
    in the morning to cure sinusitis
    and headache.
  2. Fever: The paste of agastya leaves
    can be externally applied over the
    body to subside the fever.
  3. Night Blindness: Administration
    Sesbania grandiflora,
    Vernacular names
    of 3gms of agastya flowers paste
    processed in ghee recommended
    for night blindness.
  4. Colic: 5 grams of agastya bark
    powder is boiled in 100ml of
    water till it reduced to 25ml. Oral
    administration of this decoction
    added with salt and hing relieve
    abdominal colic.
  5. Arthritis: Root and bark paste of
    agastya is applied externally to
    relieve pain and inflammation
    associated with arthritis and gout.

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